Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
The department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Venkata Padma Hospital, Vizianagaram is headed by Dr.Padma Kumari, MD(Obs&Gyn), an experienced Gynaecologist capable to handle all complicated cases. we care for the mother and baby from conception right through to postnatal support. The department has a well equipped labour suite and infertility clinic.
Maternity Related Services
Maternity related services available in VPH are as follows:
1) Pregnancy
2) Fetal Medicine
3) Labour & Delivery
4) Child Birth Preparation Classes
5) High Risk Pregnancy
6) Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section
7) Breast Feeding Support
8) Pre-Pregnancy Health Check-Up

Gynaecology & Affiliated Services
Gynaecology related services available in VPH are as follows:
1) Well Women Check-up
Venkata Padma Hospital provide advice and care of the following :
a) Gynaecological problems
b) Family planning
c) Breast Diseases
d) Cervical smear
e) Menopausal Care

2) Minimally Invasive Surgery
The procedures carried out at Venkata Padma Hospital include :
a) Ovarian Cyst Removal
b) Removal of Fibroids
c) Hysterectomies

3) Uro Gynaecology
a) Incontinence of urine
b) Prolapse of uterus
3) Uro Gynaecology
4) Family Planning
a) IUD
b) Barrier Method
c) Hormonal Method
d) Surgical Procedures
e) Emergency Contraceptive pill
5) Menopausal Care

Additional Faclities
In addition to treating the common gynaecological problems faced by women, department of Gynaecology at Venkata Padma Hospital, Vizianagaram offers the following facilities :
1) Fully Equipped Obstetrics Suites
2) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
3) Round the Clock Anesthetists
4) Pre Anaesthesia Check Clinic
5) Cancer Screening
6) VUltrasound Imaging
7) Gynaecological Surgery
8) Endoscopic Surgery
9) Menopause Clinic
10) Infertility Treatment
11) Antenatal Clinic
12) Pre Pregnancy Counselling
13) High Risk Obstetric Medicine Unit
14) Early Pregnancy assessment Unit
15) Multiple Pregnancy Clinic