VPH journey and Rise of VPH


Rise of Venkata Padma Hospital

Rise of VPH
Started in 1992 by Dr.M.Venkateswara rao (founder an chairman—MD-Pediatrician) with a vision to serve the patients in Vizianagaram.
A few beds for day care and OPD for pediatric patient was initiated. Gradually with the innovative ideas, safe approach and scientifically proven treatment, lead to increased inflow of patient for care.
Boosted by Dr.M.Padma kumara (Obs & Gyn) attachment to hospital, it Progressed enormously to increased bed capacity from 10 to 30 and presently reached to 100 beded hospital with about 40,000 sft.
The number of pediatricians increased to 3 in number with specialized care in PICU, NICU and Emergency room. The focus is presently to turned it into a institute with research and teaching facility. NNF, IAP, Fellowship for doctors. DNB Pediatrics for MBBS, DCH, are recent achievement.
Hospital is presently accredited by NNF (Level IIb) and ISO 9001:2015. It is in a process to undergo NABH accredited very soon.